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Flowers and Vase

Every mom needs flowers on Mother’s Day!  Flowers and Vase is a lively, acrylic impressionism I painted a few years ago.  Using a paint roller, I applied an uneven layer of ultramarine blue, then added a couple more layers of the blue, framing the central portion of the canvas by making the uneven blue more […]

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Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach.  Whether it’s a crowded tourist filled beach in Marseilles, France, or Galveston, Texas, or a secluded romantic view from Destin, Florida, or Fiji, South Pacific; everyone loves a sunny day at the beach.  With this work I wanted to capture that causal feeling of a warm breeze and a cool sea surf. The […]

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  Welcome to my Original Art website!  With this blog, I will try to keep you updated on the “method behind the madness” for my art, the painting techniques I use, my inspiration for various works, other artists and their work, updates on the charities we support, ideas for upcoming projects, and occasional rantings and […]

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