I studied art and drawing at an early age, and have always loved the works of da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollack, and Hopper.  But for several years my art took a backseat to my other interests and commitments as a surgeon, musician, pilot, husband and father.  I was born in Oklahoma, raised in Texas, and have lived in Hawaii and Kentucky, but have traveled throughout Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the South Pacific.

My art often tries to reflect the emotion of various parts of the globe, and hopefully will resonate a similar chord with you.  You may notice that some of my work is accompanied by only a very brief explanation, allowing you to construct your own story behind the painting!  Hopefully, my unconventional training and approach to art will be a refreshing experience for you, the viewer.