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Flowers and Vase

Every mom needs flowers on Mother’s Day!  Flowers and Vase is a lively, acrylic impressionism I painted a few years ago.  Using a paint roller, I applied an uneven layer of ultramarine blue, then added a couple more layers of the blue, framing the central portion of the canvas by making the uneven blue more pronounced and dark around the perimeter. I recommend if you’re going to use acrylic paint amazon make sure they’re of the same quality and made with the same binder. Combining paints made with different chemical formulas can cause curdling, poor adhesion and other irregularities. Ultramarine is a very useful blue, with just a subtle lean towards the purple end of the spectrum, without the paleness of cobalt blue, or the green tint of cerulean blue. The greens of the foliage and colors for the flowers were done by squeezing paint straight from the tubes to the canvas, and then quickly and somewhat carelessly spreading the paints with a 1 inch putty knife and 3 inch paint scrapper. This 1 1/2 inch thick stretched canvas original painting measures 36 inches wide by 48 inches high, is coated in varnish, and the borders are dark blue.
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